"Insightful and comprehensive."
- Dr. Keri Pearlson, Author, President, KP Partners

"In his book, Fred offers seven critical steps to ensure successful alignment with corporate business objectives, and emphasizes the importance of understanding cost and value management."
- Jim Goodnight, CEO and President, SAS

"It is a common sense answer to some very complex issues. In fact some sections are applicable to any business unit or service organization beyond just IT."
- K. Cyrus HadaviI, PH.D., President, CEO, and Chairman, Adexa

What strikes anyone meeting Fred Mapp for the first time is his uncanny talent for simplifying complex issues and framing all IT challenges with a pragmatic, business oriented process. This book outlines in simple business terms a modern approach to aligning business processes for a fast and efficient IT implementation. I would recommend it to every executive that requires IT to be a strategic advantage to their business.
-Henri Richard, Executive VP, WW Field and Customer Operations, NetApp

In the book Fred discusses his 7 Initiatives:

Aligning IT strategies with your organization's vision, objectives, and business strategies.

Understanding business-process management practices throughout your business, including your IT organization

Mapping Your IT Infrastructure And Applications To Support Your Business Needs.

Recruiting, developing, and retaining the right team of people.

Providing and improving business solutions through leadership and consulting.

Managing costs across IT.

Improving the process for measuring success.

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